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[Webinar] Tips, Tricks & Cases - How to Use Thermal Imaging for Targeted Treatment Plans

Diagnostics and therapeutics are more effective when they're targeted. Thermal imaging is a simple screening tool that can help you detect problem areas earlier, allowing you to focus your clinical efforts and expertise where they will have the greatest impact.

In this free on-demand webinar, get tips and tricks for capturing high-quality thermal images and learn how to use them to guide the next steps of care. Lauren Bueter, BS, RVT, CCRP, Fear Free Elite Professional (Michiana Animal Hospital), shares a series of cases to show how she uses thermal imaging daily to gain unique insights into her patients.

Webinar Highlights Include:

  • Brief overview of thermal imaging (what it is/how to use it)
  • Patient and device preparations/considerations
  • Tips on how to acquire the perfect images
  • How thermal imaging can improve your practice
  • Case study review


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