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Veterinary-Specific Thermal Imaging

Screening and implementation solutions for veterinary practices. 

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Thermal imaging supports the highest standard of clinical care by providing a visual way to communicate hidden problems to pet owners. Screenings take 5-minutes and provide an instant visual of the physiological health of your patient. Clinics who implement thermal screening into their standard wellness and exam protocols report increased compliance with prescribed plans of care:

  • 66% increase in digital x-ray revenue
  • 53% increase in ultrasound revenue
  • 32% more nutraceutical, medication, and dietary food revenue
  • 62% increase in laser therapy revenue

Technicians are empowered to capture thermal images at the same time as weight and vitals to streamline screening workflow.

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WellVu 640

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WellVu 320

SnapShot, a WellVu Implementation Program

SnapShot is a turnkey 90-day implementation program that includes weekly instructions and all of the assets you need to effectively implement your new WellVu Thermal Camera.

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