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Digatherm Transitions to WellVu Thermal Imaging

Following a new partnership announced earlier this year with Multi Radiance, Digatherm Thermal Imaging, leading provider of veterinary thermal imaging solutions, is transitioning to a new name - WellVu Thermal Imaging.

The name “WellVu” was chosen to represent the company’s commitment to fostering wellness through thermal imaging, in both human and animal health. Using a highly sensitive infrared camera, WellVu technology allows clinicians to measure, compile, and analyze the electromagnetic energy emitted from a patient. This unique information provides health care professionals a method for quickly visualizing potential problem areas and objectively monitoring treatment progress.

“Our number one priority is, and always will be, to help clinicians use thermal imaging technology to practice proactive medicine and deliver the highest standard of care for their patients. We are excited to provide the same industry-leading thermal imaging products, training and expertise to an expanded segment of healthcare professionals under a new name,” Josh Robertson, Vice President of WellVu Thermal Imaging shared.

Anyone interested in learning more about WellVu Thermal Imaging solutions can visit their new website at


About WellVu Thermal Imaging

WellVu is committed to providing thermal imaging technology and training solutions to health care professionals in human and animal health.

About Multi Radiance

Multi Radiance is a leading developer and manufacturer of laser therapy technology for relieving pain and increasing circulation. Multi Radiance provides human and animal health care professionals with non-invasive, drug-free solutions for in-clinic and home use.